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Célébrez La Fête des Voisins avec SWIZA®

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer qu’Helvetica Brands SA (SWIZA®) participera à la Fête des Voisins qui se déroulera le vendredi 2 juin 2023 de …

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Couteaux personnalisés SWIZA®

Customise your SWIZA® pocket knives:
an exclusive gift idea

SWIZA® pocket knives are known for their quality, functionality and unique design. With their stainless steel blades and ergonomic handles, they are the perfect tool …

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Chant du Gros 2022

The beginning of a partnership SWIZA has the pleasure of partnering with Le Chant Du Gros music festival for their 2022, 2023 and 2024 events. …

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Nuits des Entreprises 2022

SWIZA has participated in the first Nuit des Entreprises Jurassiennes (Jura Business Night), organised by the CCIJ. The aim of the evening was to showcase …

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Montreux Jazz Festival 2022

For the second year in a row, SWIZA is the Atypical Partner of one of the most important music events in French-speaking Switzerland: the Montreux …

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We are extremely excited that we have found our ideal partner to represent our brand in the German- speaking part of Switzerland!

WELCOME Representing a company requires diversity, creativity, passion, commitment, and humor. We are extremely excited that we have found our ideal partner to represent our …

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Découvrez les couteaux réalisés pour l’émission de la RTS « Passe-moi les Jumelles » ! Vous trouverez sur notre site un TT03 (avec tick-tool) bleu avec sa lame …

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Interview/Testimonial Montreux Jazz Fetival Mathieu Jaton

Interview/Testimonial Montreux Jazz Festival Mathieu Jaton SWIZA® is proud to present its collection in collaboration with the Montreux Jazz Festival. On this occasion, we had …

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After the successful launch of the SWIZA knife collection in various models, SWIZA introduces its newest look in time, the completely black SWIZA ALLBLACK Swiss …

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