Known for leading with innovative designs and cuttingedge products, SWIZA® introduces the new SWIZA® TICK TOOL. With a pending patent, this is the first Swiss Knife that includes a tool specifically designed to remove ticks.

Tick bite – what should I do?

The information provided about ticks on the app allows you to protect yourself against tick bites, to monitor bites on your body, and to seek a doctor’s advice at the first sign of a Lyme disease infection. The tick-risk maps of Switzerland and Liechtenstein show areas of higher risk for tick bites; use these maps to determine the current tick risk for your location, and use the tick diary to record bites that have occurred. Using the reminder function, you can compare your visible indications of a Lyme disease infection with provided pictures of symptoms.

Tick tool

The added tick tool is an inventive idea from the brand SWIZA® that already has a Red Dot Award for stylish design under their belt : the integrated magnifying glass makes it easy to locate the tiny parasite and it’s made of plastic to provide the flexibility you need to position the tool in the right place. The v-shaped cleft tip of the tick tool is particularly efficient to remove the tick, and SWIZA’s quality guarantee ensures easy replacement of the tick tool should it break. By removing the tick as soon as possible, you’ll reduce the chance of getting infected with Lyme Disease.

The perfect companion

SWIZA® believes in safety always. People who enjoy walking outdoors, especially in tall grassy areas and woodlands, are at higher risk of being bitten by a tick, especially during the spring and summer months. Whether you travel to these areas for business or pleasure, be sure to protect yourself by wearing appropriate clothing, and always carrying a SWIZA® TICK TOOL to safely remove any ticks from yourself, your family or your pets. The SWIZA® TICK TOOL perfectly complements the tick information app, developed by Prof. Dr Jürg Grunder, co-founder of the ZHAW Spin-off A&K Strategy GmbH.