Privacy Policy

Data protection is a matter of trust, and it counts for us. We respect your personality and your private sphere. Similarly, we seek to ensure the protection of your personal data and their treatment in accordance with legislation.

With regard to personal data of users from Europe, we will also comply with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This data protection declaration covers both past and future information. If you agree with the processing of your personal data, these transactions will concern not only the information we will enter in the future but also those already registered with us.

    • Data protection
      Privacy Statement of Helvetica Brands SA.
      All visits to the online store „“ are subject to the data protection declaration of Helvetica Brands SA.
    • Individual customer account
      To order and / or request information on certain products, the customer must first create an account in the online store „“ Before each order, a solvency investigation is carried out with the authorities and / or specialized organizations in this field. The data relating to this survey are grouped together with those concerning the means of payment, purchases, possible repairs, subscription to the newsletter and after-sales service. The customer acknowledges that the data relating to his customer account may be supplemented by data from Helvetica Brands SA and additional information from companies specializing in the sale of addresses. The customer account data is protected against unauthorized third-party access. Access to complete data is only possible for a limited number of duly authorized persons and is only given to third parties upon presentation of a power of attorney or as part of a formal investigation.
    • Advertising and newsletter
      This data can be analyzed for marketing and advertising purposes, forming target groups of customers with similar purchasing data and profiles. Advertising can be tailored to the individual customer profile. However, the customer has the option of giving up advertising at any time. Such a decision only has effect on advertising related to and does not concern the advertising of Helvetica Brands SA in general. Each customer can subscribe to an electronic newsletter and easily unsubscribe at any time.
    • Data transmission
      The aggregated data may be transmitted to group companies for advertising purposes. They have the right to use this data for marketing purposes and can supplement it with additional comments (household size, owner or non-owner, age, income category, etc.) obtained by purchasing addresses files. In addition, the data is sent to companies which deal with them in the framework of a contractual relationship, and which may in some cases be transferred abroad. The assurance is given that the mandated firm will not process the data beyond the requirements of the concrete mandate, that it will not use it for itself or pass it on to third parties.

When in this data protection statement we speak about the processing of your personal data, we mean any related transaction. For example:

    • the collection
    • the entry
    • management
    • use
    • the deletion of your personal data

We collect personal data in order to provide better services to our customers. We believe that if we focus our business as a company on the desires and needs of our customers, we will make it easier for them in their daily lives. Such improved services may consist of:

    • optimizing the location of our points of sale in order to remain close to the customer,
    • define the product assortment according to customer needs,
    • Customize communication with customers to help them search for offers that meet their needs while receiving less overall advertising,
    • simplifying processes such as purchasing or booking so you can reach your goals faster.


1. How do we protect your personal data?

We have the technical and organizational means to guarantee the security of your personal data. Thus, we are able to protect your data sessions and personal data against the risks of unauthorized and illegitimate processing thereof and / or against the risk of loss, modification, disclosure or unintentional access openings. However, you must be aware that the transmission of information via the Internet and other electronic vectors carries certain risks to their security and that we can not assume any guarantee regarding the security of the information transmitted by these channels.


2. How long do we keep data?

We keep your personal data as long as we deem it necessary or appropriate to ensure compliance with applicable laws or as long as they meet a need with respect to objectives for which they have been collected. We delete your personal data as soon as they have lost their usefulness and, in any case, at the end of the maximum retention period set by law.


3. What are your rights to your personal data?

You are allowed at any time to assert your rights to data protection. In particular, you are entitled to request information about your personal data registered, to have them corrected or supplemented, to oppose their treatment or to require their removal. You will find in number 4 below the coordinates of the services to which you address. We reserve the right to communicate with you electronically (especially by e-mail) about the topics mentioned above.


4. How do we use our website analytics tools?

In order to constantly improve and optimize our Internet offering, we use so-called tracking technologies. These are web analytics tools to compile statistics and graphs informing about the use made of our web pages. The usage data collected for this purpose are transferred to a specific server that may be domiciled abroad according to the provider of the web analyzer. For the one most commonly used, namely Google Analytics, the recorded data is transferred with the abbreviated IP address, which prevents any possibility of identification of particular devices. Google applies the data protection rules set out in the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework „and is registered with the“ Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield „from the US Department of Commerce (Find Information here: ). The IP address transmitted by your browser as part of Google Analytics is not shared with other data. A retransmission of data by Google to third parties may take place only pursuant to legal provisions or as part of the data processing mandate.

If other website analysis tools are used by Helvetica Brands SA, the data collection procedure applied will be basically the same.

You have the option to prevent the entry of data relating to your use of the website (including your IP address) generated via cookies for Google, as well as the processing by Google of the data in question, this by downloading and installing the navigation plugin (add-on) available on the link ( Further detailed information about Google Analytics and data protection is available at or .


5. How to contact us?

In case you wish to exercise your rights relating to your personal data or if you have questions or concerns about the way they are treated, you can contact us according to the following procedure:

By Mail:
Helvetica Brands SA
Rue Saint-Randoald 8
CH-2800 Delémont

By Email:

We will endeavor to respond promptly to any questions or concerns.


Date 23.05.2017

Version 1.0