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Interview/Testimonial Montreux Jazz Fetival Mathieu Jaton

Interview/Testimonial Montreux Jazz Festival Mathieu Jaton

SWIZA® is proud to present its collection in collaboration with the Montreux Jazz Festival.

On this occasion, we had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Mathieu Jaton, CEO of the Montreux Jazz Festival. We would like to thank him for this inspiring interview:

Mr Jaton, what do the MJF and SWIZA® knives have in common?

What links the Montreux Jazz Festival and SWIZA® is, first of all, the love of craftsmanship. Like SWIZA®, which draws on the historical cutlery tradition of the Swiss Jura, our event is based on human and technical know-how that we have been refining year after year since 1967. At the same time, our common thirst for innovation constantly pushes us to reinvent ourselves and to offer new things to the public.

Can you share with us your impressions of the SWIZA® knives, both in terms of design and use?

I think they are very successful. The trio is varied thanks to the different styles of the official posters created by Marylou Faure (2021), Malika Favre (2017), and Eric Wondergrem (1969). In addition, the compact size and light weight allows the knife to be carried in a pocket or bag without discomfort. I have no doubt that these products will appeal to both SWIZA® knife collectors and lovers of our Festival.

A SWIZA® Swiss Made pocket knife - is it the ideal gift for your international artists and partners?

It reminds me of the anecdote of Claude Nobs, the founder of our Festival, who went to the United States in person to give Aretha Franklin a box of typical Swiss chocolates. This effort helped to convince her to come to Montreux in 1971. Beyond this memory, it is true that we sometimes like to offer a small gift to prolong the Montreux Jazz Festival experience. We mainly select products from our own boutique (www.montreuxjazzshop.com), but also products developed with partners. The "Swiss Made" knives that we have produced in collaboration with SWIZA® are particularly relevant in this context. I am therefore delighted that they will be included in the range this year!

©photo: Anne-Laure Lechat

Thank you very much and we look forward to experiencing the MJF 2021 with you!

“What unites the Montreux Jazz Festival and SWIZA® is the love of craftsmanship coupled with a thirst for innovation. Our partnership makes it possible to develop high-quality Swiss products that will appeal to both SWIZA® knife collectors and lovers of our Festival.”

– Mathieu Jaton, CEO of the Montreux Jazz Festival