Der erfolgreiche und überaus sympathische Schwinger König Chrigu Stucki ist unser neuer SWIZA Botschafter.


Representing a company requires diversity, creativity, passion, commitment, and humor.

We are extremely excited that we have found our ideal partner to represent our brand in the German- speaking part of Switzerland!

The well loved and successful “Schwinger König” Chrigu Stucki is our new SWIZA ambassador.

Join him in discovering our Swiss Knives and immerse yourself in a world where centuries-old Swiss precision craftsmanship is combined with authentic and original design.
Impeccable parallels to “Schwingen” are tradition, diversity, creativity, passion and Swissness.

Chrigu Stucki was able to put together his personal knife with us and thinks: „This knife is „Sackbefehl“ (a must have it in your pocket) for the next Schwingfest!“. Be curious about the further collections and discover our products on

We look forward to three successful years with our ambassador Chrigu Stucki!