welcome to swiza

As descendants of a long line of watchmakers since 1904, and inheriting the cutlery know-how acquired from one of the jewels in the crown of the Swiss Jura industry we manufacture the SWIZA pocket knife according to the highest Swiss quality standards.
As a modestly-sized business, SWIZA favours short supply chains at the heart of the regional economic fabric, which allows us to guarantee personalised and local services.

SWIZA embodies the very essence of Swiss craftsmanship, gracefully merging two of its symbols: watchmaking elegance and cutlery reliability.
Rooted in the Jura Arc, our artisanal heritage is reflected in every piece we create.

Far from being just a tool, the SWIZA knife goes beyond the utilitarian object to take on a more precious dimension dedicated to a clientele sensitive to aesthetics, finishes, and exclusive products.

Embrace our worlds