Chrigu Stucki

An authentic and approachable sportsman

Who better than the king of wrestling to represent a young, dynamic brand that is ready to fight for its place? Christian Stucki, more commonly known as Chrigu, perfectly embodies our brand values of authenticity and flexibility.

When designing his knife, Chrigu wanted to offer a combination of blades that are useful on picnics while out hiking in the mountains. We therefore worked alongside him to design not only a cheese blade, but also a serrated blade for slicing bread, as well as a corkscrew for sharing a couple of glasses between friends. Combining precision craftsmanship and elegant design, the King of Wrestling’s knife is a real “Sackbefehl*”!

Discover the knives in our Wrestling collection, as well as Chrigu’s “Signature” knife, here.

*Something you absolutely must have in your pocket. 

Mike Horn

The modern-day adventurer.  

With over 20 years’ experience, the adventurer is known not only for his expeditions in extreme conditions around the world, but also for his commitment to raising awareness about global warming.

In 2022, Mike Horn launched the PANGAEA project, an educational programme that aims to support innovative projects having a positive impact on the environment. These are present-day values that SWIZA also shares.

Several knives have been created in partnership with him and can be found in his online store .

“As a child, I dreamt of becoming an explorer, and one day my father gave me my first pocket knife. It made me want to go out and explore the world. It became my best friend.”  

– Mike Horn, explorer