Le Signature.

Two line model (Size M),
gold-coloured sides and Allmat-finished blades.

The SWIZA signature colour is inspired by the golden tones that can be found in the leaves of the Jura trees in autumn. More specifically, it has its origins rooted in the king of the forests: the oak tree. With its sought-after golden shades, oak is categorised as a premium wood. 

Le Graphite.

Two line model (Size M),
black sides and Allblack-finished blades.

Our emblematic D03 model is entirely black, from the handle to its tools, perfect for those who love simplicity and elegance. The stainless steel tools have a matte black finish. 

Le Châtillon
Matt Edition.

Two line model (Size M),
oak wood sides and Allmatt-finished blades.  

A majestic tree, the oak is the king of Swiss forests and a symbol of nobility and wisdom. SWIZA longed to use this precious wood for the handle of one of its flagship knives: the SH03 TR TT.

Le Chasseral
Matt Edition.

Three line model (Size L),
white sides and matt-finished blades.

What could be more Swiss than a pocket knife with a blade specially designed for cheese?

SWIZA has gone and done it with the CH05R model. The small business’ latest creation, the cheese blade has been designed to allow you to cut easily through both hard and soft cheese.

Matt Edition.

Three line model (Size L),
olive-green sides and Allmatt-finished blades.

The TT05R is indisputably the perfect knife for outdoor activities, with its must-have tick tool and wood saw.

With ticks becoming an increasingly common and persistent plague in our part of the world, having a tool to pull them out, right at your fingertips, is absolutely ideal.

Le Néo-Rétro.

Two line model (Size M),
walnut wood sides and Allmat-finished blades.

The SWIZA SH03R is a model that boasts the single hand blade, incredibly convenient when you have one hand busy. 

The tools have been sandblasted to a matte finish, giving the knife a premium look.