SWIZA's treasures!

Get ready for a thrilling adventure
through Switzerland with us!

This year, we’re launching an exciting challenge: 120 unique knives scales hidden in secret locations across the country. Each one is marked with a special code. Find one and enter a world of surprises!

Are you ready to take up the challenge and unlock the hidden mysteries?

Happy hunting and may the luck be with you!

How to play?


Go outside! For.. a walk, a run, a trail, a beer... anything!


Take your phone with you, be ready with the Geocaching app!


Find boxes indicated in the app, there are some hidden knife scales in some of them!


Keep the winner scale with you and follow the instructions.


Hurray! We'll contact you soon and send you an awesome SWIZA knife!

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I found something!

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is an application that lets you find hidden boxes in the real world. These boxes are created and hidden by the app’s users, who then bring an ongoing treasure hunt to life.

They can be tiny little jars or larger boxes. They often contain a small book in which you can leave a note about your visit. You’ll also find all sorts of items, exchanged by adventurers.

The free version (which will be enough for our treasure hunt) already allows you to find plenty of hidden places, all over the world.
However, you can take a subscription and go to a step further by looking for caches that are much more difficult to find, or even locked by enigmas.

Geocaching is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. Although we have informed them of our event, no partnership has been established.

The conditions of the game apply only to people who have found a hill with a code.

Never heard of the Geocaching application before ?

Click on the logo below to find out more on their website.

And who knows, maybe you’ve just unlocked a new passion?

They've already been found!

We’ve created a map in which we’re going to add all the scales you found as we go along!

Check this out!