Chant du Gros 2022

The beginning of a partnership

SWIZA has the pleasure of partnering with Le Chant Du Gros music festival for their 2022, 2023 and 2024 events. This collaboration has been built around a shared sensitivity to see development in local communities. After all, Le Chant Du Gros takes place once a year in the municipality of Le Noirmont in the Swiss Jura. For the 2022 event, some 50,000 spectators made the trip to attend the four evenings of the festival. 

The CDG 2022 special edition knives

SWIZA has created three knife models for this 2022 event in partnership with Le Chant Du Gros.

First of all, the standard D03 model, in “moss” yellow with the Chant Du Gros logo printed on the front of the knife. Next comes the special knife to mark the 30th anniversary of the festival: a mint-coloured, matte-finished D03 model with the Chant Du Gros logo printed on the front, along with a “30th” inscription on the back. The third knife produced is the most premium version. We once again opted for our emblematic D03 with black sides, black blades, a subtle print of the Chant Du Gros logo on the front and an engraving on the main blade.