Montreux Jazz Festival 2022

For the second year in a row, SWIZA is the Atypical Partner of one of the most important music events in French-speaking Switzerland: the Montreux Jazz Festival. This partnership came about naturally. As the festival CEO, Mathieu Jaton, puts it: “What links the Montreux Jazz Festival and SWIZA® is, first of all, the love of craftsmanship. (…) At the same time, our common thirst for innovation constantly pushes us to reinvent ourselves and to offer new things to the public.” (link to interview, 2021)

This is why, after the first event in 2021 which saw three knives created for the occasion, in 2022 a new model is coming to life. The design chosen for each model depicts the poster for an emblematic edition of the festival.

For the 2022 knife, the print on the sides shows a replica of the poster from the same year. The model chosen is a D03 with matte-finished tools, and an engraving of the Montreux Jazz Festival logo can be found on the main blade. The pop colours of the print, coupled with the Allmat blades, give a highly successful look that is both chic and fun.

The MJF 2022 knife is available on the SWIZA website, either as a one-off or in a special set. This collector’s box contains three models from the MJF range, including the 2022 edition and two other printed knives. A true collector’s item for all festival enthusiasts and lovers of SWIZA knives.