Our ambassador Chrigu emerges victorious in his final fight in Lyss

Christian Stucki has left his mark on Swiss Wrestling after 20 years and, having won the 2019 Swiss Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival (ESAF), he has secured his title as king and triumphed in wrestling’s “Schwingen Grand Slam”.

In his last fight in Lyss before retiring, he won hands down, leaving a lasting impression on every Swiss Wrestling fan. We are sending our sincere congratulations to our ambassador as he brings his career to a successful close.

The true king of wrestling, he is one of the most popular wrestlers of all time and will be remembered for famously kissing his defeated opponents on the forehead. His fame extends far beyond the world of wrestling with his impact being felt in many Swiss sports and traditions.

SWIZA® is celebrating this outstanding career with an exclusive limited edition, consisting of 818 numbered knives – a tribute to the number of wrestling matches led by our favourite wrestler to win 134 crowns. We want to offer every wrestling fan a true piece of the legendary Stucki’s history with this special limited edition.

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